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ChemWell-T for WineTM

Automated Chemistry & Turbidimetric Wine Analyzer
ChemWell -T

ChemWell-T for WineTM is a fully automated, random access wine analyzer for Biochemistry and lmmuno-Turbidimetric assays, designed specifically for lower throughput labs, specialty labs, and to serve as a dependable backup analyzer.

ChemWell-T provides outstanding value.

ChemWell®-T features

  • User-programmable open system.
  • Performs Biochemistry and Turbidimetric assays.
  • 100 tests per hour throughput.
  • PC-controlled.
  • Complete QC package.
  • Reaction Volume >200uL
  • Reflex testing.
  • Self-monitoring mechanicals and optics.
  • Liquid sensing probe tip.
  • Create custom reports.
  • IAD filters.

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