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Food & Beverage - Manual process control


Enzymatic analysis of:

Sugars, Organic Acids, and Nitrogen Status

Analytical methods in food chemistry deal with the composition and properties of food and the chemical changes it undergoes during handling, processing and storage.

The general purpose is to control the quality throughout the whole process, from raw material to end-product. The most important parameters used to define quality are sugar, acids, protein, fat and alcohol.

Many compounds that occur in nature can be analysed enzymatically. These are metabolites, such as sugars, acids or their salts, alcohols and other substances.

Unitech Scientific's UniTAB and UniFLEX Modular kits contain selected reagents in appropriate quantities for rapid, time-saving bioanalysis and food analysis.

Your benefits:

  • Greater flexibility due to the modular concept of our reagent kits
  • Simplified ordering procedure - order only what you need.
  • Benefit from the small and compact packaging for a much more convenient storage in your refrigerator.
  • Fast delivery and reliable service.
  • Continuous extension of the product line

Some strengths of enzymatic methods include:

  • High substrate specificity
  • High precision
  • High sensitivity
  • Simple sample preparation
  • Easy performance of determination
  • Safe reagents

ELISA Analysis of Foodborne Pathogens, Toxins

& other Chemical Residues

Chemical contamination of food may lead to toxic or allergenic reactions in humans and animals. Food contamination monitoring is an essential tool for ensuring the safety of food supplies and managing health risks. ELISA microplate technology provides rapid, sensitive and reproducible methods for ensuring the safety of food and beverages.

ChemWell Autoanalyzer

Food & Beverage

Automated process control 

Enzymatic & ELISA Analysis

ChemWell is a fully automated, random access analyzer designed for use with:

  1. Unitech's UniFLEX & UniTAB enzymatic reagent line

  2. ELISA Plate reagent line

    Visit our ChemWell System page for more details. 

See our ChemWell Brochure.


The ChemWell autoanalyzer is a completely open, easy to program system, capable of running both EIAs and general chemistries in standard microwells.  The ChemWell provides complete random access automation from the moment the sample tubes and reagents are placed on the instrument until the final print-out of the results. It relieves the laboratory technician from the daily processing work and ensures a flexible, reproducible and simultaneous handling of multiple reagents within each job.

Milk & Dairy
Milk and dairy products are the basic food for most of the worlds population. The milk and dairy industry is looking for cost-efficient solutions for real-time process control and quality assurance of end-products.

Wine & Beverages
The production and consumption of quality wine is growing worldwide. The demand for simple, accurate tests for process control and quality assurance of end-products is increasing.

Enzymatic Analysis

Sugars, Organic Acids, & Nitrogen Status Reagents

   UniTAB Reagent Kits
   UniFlex Reagent Kits

ELISA Analysis

ChemWell Automated Process Control

EIA Tests for the ChemWell

Foodborne Pathogens
E. coli O157
Listeria monocytogenes
Staphylococcal enterotoxins
Chemical residues
Hormones & anabolics
Marine toxins
Staphylococcal enterotoxins (SET)



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ChemWell allows you to set up assays, quality control, panels, and even index calculations to suit your laboratory. With a completely open system you can program additional wash volume, increase the number of washes, or even direct the probe to pick up and dispense a probe cleaning solution after each specimen. And it is entirely password protected.

Precise pipetting of low volume specimens, elimination of carryover, and careful control of temperature are all essential for reliable results. ChemWell can make pre-dilutions, however, this is often not necessary since a high level of precision is achieved even with a 2uL sample. ChemWell can process EIA at ambient temperature or 37C. An incubator is provided for biochemistry wells to provide precise kinetic reactions. The probe is also temperature controlled to deliver 37C reagents.

RCA - Reagent Cooling Accessory now available for ChemWell. Protects reagents from ambient heat. The removable racks can be refrigerated, pre-loaded, and ready for the next use.

ChemWell maximizes dependability, versatility, & economy.

ChemWell uses standard, off-the-shelf microwells for all reactions. Performing biochemistry assays in microwells offers many advantages such as increased throughput and decreased cost per test. Uncoated microwells make low volume sample cups for biochemistry. They can also be washed for re-use. ChemWell reads vertically using 4 optical channels and 8 wavelengths.

Handles up to 27 reagents, 96 samples.


 Probe washes inside and out

 Washes 8 wells at once

ChemWell is truly 2 instruments in 1!

Set up a full or partial plate of EIA's and program ChemWell to automatically make dilutions, dispense reagents, incubate, washes, read, and prepare final reports. You can also program ChemWell as either a batch analyzer or a continuous loading random-access analyzer for performing clinical biochemistry tests.

Here are more features that you can expect with ChemWell:

  • 200 tests per hour

  • No carry-over

  • Liquid sensing probe tip

  • 8-well wash head

  • Level-sensing wash, rinse, and waste bottles


  • QC tracking

  • Self-monitoring

  • Reflex testing

  • Reaction Volume <250uL

  • No custom disposables

  • IAD filters

  • Creates automatic service reports

  • Edit standard curves

  • self-monitoring mechanics and optics

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All of this and more in one instrument . . .

the ChemWell


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