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Unitech's System Approach to Wine and Food Testing

Unitech is proud to distribute the ChemWell autoanalyzer worldwide to the food and wine industries. We have developed ChemWell wine analysis applications for many of our reagents.  Have a look at our analyzer and our systems approach to wine testing. 

ChemWell for WineTM Autoanalyzer


ChemWell is an "open" system, i.e. it can use either all Unitech reagents or your current enzymatic reagents.

ChemWell Brochure

Uniquely among chemistry analyzers, ChemWell is able to run ELISA assays (in coated micro-strips).  We currently offer  Histamine ELISA & Ochratoxin A ELISA. 


Our ChemWell analyzers have automatic custom filters permitting analysis of wine tests in addition to the typical 340nm analysis used for most enzymatic tests.  And ChemWell uses very little reagent, so you can drop your reagent costs to about 1/10 of what you currently spend.


The ChemWell 2910 autoanalyzer offers:

  • Complete enzymatic automation & Ochratoxin & other EIA's automation

  • Customer training at installation includes customized Wine Protocols

  • Washes cuvettes, Pipets, Times, Calculates & Prints out concentrations automatically

  • QC Tracking


Calibration options include factor (e.g. extinction coeficient), multi-point standard curve with linear regression analysis, single-standard, ABS mode (etc.)  Software permits the user to edit standard curves (deleting bad replicates, etc.), the capability to monitor quality control reference wines from run-to-run, and to accept or reject assays based on QC recovery.


The ChemWell has a great reliability record with over 1500 in use in busy laboratories world-wide.  And ChemWell is efficient, and inexpensive to operate and maintain. ChemWell's automation dramatically reduces labor costs while freeing technicians for less routine tasks.


Unitech will set-up the ChemWell in your laboratory, and after a couple hours of hands-on training, you will be running assays. Most service can be user-performed with Unitech's telephone support. ChemWell is covered by a 1-year factory warranty; Unitech also offers affordable Extended Warranty protection for $2500/year to cover years two onward. We provide same-day telephone/email service and on-site visits if needed.


The  price for the ChemWell starts at $30,000, with refrigerated reagent capability is $32,000.  The cost justification worksheet, attached, may be helpful as you work through the options with your colleagues.  I will send you a formal quote by separate email. If you'd like some references from our ChemWell customers, just let me know.


Unitech Scientific has developed a Cost Justification worksheet that gives some structure to the process of calculating the reagent savings (7 times the tests from each reagent kit) and labor savings that your laboratory would expect by adding a ChemWell autoanalyzer. 


*Compatible with Windows 10, 7, Vista and XP.


Contact us if  you would like this worksheet, or a quote.



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