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Product Line-up

NEW LAUNCH  Wine Spoilage Microbiology Monitoring   

Check-out our new line of Wine Microbiology for Brett rapid Easy Sniff detection & cell counts, our EASY options (to train a new generation - even Non-MIcrobiologists) for Brett, Yeast & Mold, and bacteria detection. 


Enzymatic Reagents

 Unitech offers 4 lines of food & beverage reagents



These  reagents are designed for manual spectrophotometry, as well as our line of analyzers. Our most popular Enzymatic Kits include:

Acetic acid, L-Malic Acid, D-Glu/fru, Ammonia, NOPA (Primary Amino Nitrogen), Total Phenols, Tartaric Acid, and Free & Total Sulfite (coming in 2010). 

Difference: Choose kits in sizes of 30, 75 or 250; tablet or all liquid reagent formats with excellent product reliability and two-Year product stability. Unitech offers our famous, responsive technical service. 

Wine Analyzers & ELISA Instrumentation

from Awareness Technology Inc.

1.  ChemWell Autoanalyzer for enzymatic and ELISA wine testing  


Unitech Scientific's ChemWell 2910 autoanalyzer offers random access automation with continuous sample loading. ChemWell performs the assays, prints reports for customized requirements and frees the technician for less routine tasks. Several assay protocols can be run simultaneously, up to 96 samples at a time. Turn-key applications for the Unitech line of reagents (see our reagents section), with flexible, open software for custom assays.
Difference: ChemWell automates enzymatic and EIA assays and is efficient and inexpensive to operate. It performs 10 times more tests per kit vs. manual, automatically washes cuvettes and offers several calibration options.  Unitech offers our famous, responsive technical service. 

2.  NEW EnoLyzer Wine Analyzer from Unitech

You pipet & time reactions, EnoLyzer guides your analysis & calculates results

3.  Two StatFax biochemistry analyzers, semi-automated    

4.  ELISA readers, shaker/incubators, washers, etc.                          

Titrators & Wine Meters 

Unitech Scientific's collection of Wine Analysis instrumentation

Dissolved Oxygen Meters  From YSI - wine bottle probe for bottling lines,

pH Meters, Conductivity Meters and more

Refractometers from Atago-USA:  
The multi-parameter autotitrator has 9 wine applications. Unitech offfers free installation and training and a choice of dissolved oxygen meters, providing wine bottle oxygen checks for every budget.

  1. Digital Pocket PAL-1 and Traditional Refractometers  

  2. PAL-2, PAL-3, and PAL-alpha meters for juice and concentrates

  3. Conductivity meters      -     scroll for the details on NEW products.  Then, click the PRODUCTS button at the top for all ATAGO product details

  1.  Digital Pocket  pH Meter DpH-1  - Ask us about the Package* of Buffers& Cleaners

    Visit ATAGO-USA

Hanna Instruments

   1. HI 222 Winemaker's pH Kit designed for Wine, standardizes between pH 3-7

         Includes Calibration Buffers, Cleaning, Destaining & Storage Solutions

                    with a magnetic Stir Plate ($130 Value) FREE!

   2.  pHep 5 Pocket pH Meters      

                   Pocket  Meter Only         Meter Package*

       pHep 5             $90                          $120         

         * Includes Calibration Buffers, Cleaning, Destaining & Storage Solution

   3.  Auto-titration Systems -Single and dual burette multi-parameter ; mini-titrators for titratable acidity and free/total sulfite


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