Free & Total Sulfur Dioxide Measurement

Spectrophotometric  vs.  Ripper AND A/O  Methods

G. Anderson, Unitech Scientific


ABSTRACT:  Unitech Scientific LLC has introduced UniFLEXTM Free Sulfite and Total Sulfite reagent kits for spectrophotometric measurement of sulfites in wine samples.  Recently, sulfite concentrations in a variety of wine samples was measured in an independant winery using UniFLEX kits compared to traditional wet chemistry detection methods. UniFLEX results correlate well with traditional methods; e.g.


                  Free Sulfite: UniFLEX agrees (95% Confidence) with Ripper within 6ppm; with A/O within 5 ppm.


Total Sulfite: UniFLEX agrees with Ripper within 11ppm; with A/O within 9 ppm.



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