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Bulletin 8-2014 (1):  Continuous Sample Loading


"Continuous Sample Loading" on your ChemWell may be of interest if you perform very large ChemWell runs and you:

1.  Set-up a very large run - and you would like to load more samples,

2.  Use all 96-space in the Sample Rack (Rack #2)

3.  Want to Continuously request new tests from the Sample tab without regard to available Sample Rack space or tests remain on the Test List.


With the following software settings:

  • As the tests are completed, samples no longer in use will automatically be replaced with the newly requested test samples. 
  • These new sample positions in the Sample rack are highlighted in the Layout tab prior to you selecting RUN SAMPLES.


"Continuous Sample Loading" Settings:

1.  AutoWash "ON" (In ChemWell Manager, verify AutoWash is checked in the Management drop-down window), and

2.  Select AUTOMATIC setting for Accept Sample Results



Change “Accept Sample Results” from Manual to AUTOMATIC


Be aware that the AUTOMATIC setting means test results are automatically moved from the TEST LIST screen to the RESULTS Data Base as each test is completed.  You will now need to review sample results in your REPORTS screen to check for 'splits' in duplication or other unacceptable results.


Let us know how you like this Continuous Sample Loading feature. 


Unitech Scientific

Technical Service Department