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The latest ChemWell software update  Click to download

Includes following special features:

  1. Responding to your requests, the "R-" before wine sample names has been removed for all (.xls, .txt, etc.) reports and file exports.  (The R is still present when running the software.)

  2. Copy curve, this allows you to copy a standard curve into another assay.

  3. Blank well for each sample, this gives you the extra blank options you have been testing.

  4. Dilution factor, this allows you to enter a manual dilution factor
    for each sample in the Test List.  This defaults to 1 for each sample
    unless changed by the operator.  This allows you to perform manual sample dilutions and have the software multiply the assay result by this factor to report the undiluted sample concentration.


For a copy of our current ChemWell for Wine, or ChemWell-T for Wine software

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