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Direction Sheet Updates

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 Polyphenols & Anthocyanins

 Optimize vineyard & fermentation practices, Monitor Wine Phenolics                                           

Microbial Marker & Cellar Management Reagents


Unitechís Microbial Markers kits for your spectrophotometer - monitor microbial wine spoilage:

 Unitechís Cellar Mangagement kits for your spectrophotometer - monitor winemaking:

  • ACETALDEHYDE:  ACE enzymatic test  The sensory threshold for ACE is 0.10 - 0.125 G/L.  Above this level, the aroma is considered a defect in table wines; acetaldehyde in sherries is averages 0.30 G/L - and contributes to sherry character; dilute sherry prior to assay.  Try our

  • COPPER:  Copper test to monitor treated wine lots. Save your lab budget, analyze copper in-house 

Reduce your testing budget     

 Inquire about Unitechís new applications for our expanding list of reagents


Updated Direction Sheets

We update our Direction Sheets both to improve clarity and provide important new information.

We now FLAG important reagent, claims or procedure changes in kit Directions

As an example, check-out the:

  • Flag in the header of our updated L-Malic Directions: Now linear to 1.5 G/L  and

  • Highlighed new information in the text

  • Notice we still show the revision date in the footer of the Direction sheets, update your files.

Let us help you keep your lab SOPís up to date. 

Wine Applications for Automation

Unitech continuously develops EnoLyzerTM & ChemWell for WineTM tests

        Watch for reagent changes

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