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 Product Overview


Easy BlueTM . . . Brett Detection Made Simple!


At last an EASY way to detect Brettanomyces species in wine (even leis)



  • NO Bunsen burners, No loops, etc.

  • Brett growth is confirmed by

    • Color Change from Blue to Yellow

    • Phenolic Odor

    • & formation of Colonies

         Leis samples?  No problem!      

Grape & Juice Samples? No problem!      

Even samples loaded with sacchoromyces and cell debris wont interfere

Easy Blue suppresses other yeast strains &  is sensitive for Brettanomyces/Dekkera

         Results can be Seen & Sniffed in as early as 2-days, final results in 12-days


3-minute Procedure                               Directions

     1.   Apply a few drops of wine    detect to 60 cfu/mL

 (or microfuge 1.5 mL wine & test resuspended pellet - detect to 2 cfu/mL)

  2.   Add the sterile glass beads; shake briefly

3.       Replace petri dish lid & set aside. 

Record results after a few days (up to 12-days)


Each Easy-Blue-12 Pack includes 12 sets of:          

  • Brett-SDTM pre-poured Brett agar plates

  • Droppers & sterile

  • Beads

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