HI 222 Professional pH kit for Winemaking

  • Calibration at pH 7 and 3 - Specific to the ideal pH of wine
  • Exclusive Cal-Check™ system prevents common calibration errors
  • Logging of up to 100 Samples - Exact record of measurement data for analysis.
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In an ideal world, you would automatically know the condition of your pH electrode. Your meter would help you pinpoint any problems and give you confidence in your results. Hanna's latest innovation in sensor technology assesses the condition and response time of the electrode every time you calibrate the meter. Results are shown right on the display. The Calibration Check feature also tells you if the electrode needs cleaning, is damaged, or even if the calibration buffer is contaminated.

The highly advanced HI 222 pH/ORP/Temperature bench meter is the centerpiece of a complete kit ideal for performing highly accurate pH measurements in winemaking applications. Featuring automatic buffer recognition at pH 7 and 3, this meter is designed to calibrate to the proper pH range from 2.5 to 3.5pH (depending on the type of grape and/or wine) with an accuracy of ±0.002 pH.

In the process of making wine, most pH measurements are taken at the must stage. Measuring in must is a particularly challenging application for common pH electrodes. Sediments from the must coat the electrode’s measurement surfaces and will quickly hamper performance without frequent cleaning. For this reason, Hanna introduced an electrode that resists the sensor clogging effects of wine musts.

This special electrode features a measurement junction of ground glass to ensure proper flow of liquid surrounded by a Teflon® sleeve to repel dirt. Equipped with this exclusive Clogging Prevention System (CPStm) technology, Hanna’s wine pH electrode will remain responsive for up to 20 times longer than any other electrode on the market.

For best accuracy in measuring wine, the pH electrode and meter must be calibrated before taking measurements. A dirty pH electrode can give errors of up to ±0.5 pH, even right after a pH calibration has been performed. Conventional pH meters, however, fail to warn the user in the event a dirty pH electrode is used to perform the calibration. Hanna’s HI 222 pH/ORP/temperature bench meter uses modern technology to detect when the electrode needs cleaning, and gives a warning during calibration.

As a leading electrode manufacturer we have found that simply rinsing the electrode with common general purpose cleaning solution is not effective. In order to completely remove the deposits, application specific solutions must be used. We developed deposit removal and stain removal solutions tailor made for winemaking. These cleaning solutions remove all deposits from your pH electrode and guarantee that your measurements are always accurate and that your pH electrode will last a long time.

The HI 222 is supplied complete with HI 1048P glass-body combination pH electrode with BNC connector + PIN and 1 m cable. HI 7669/2W stainless steel temperature probe. HI 76404 electrode holder. pH 3.00 and pH 7.01 calibration solutions for wine calibration, wine stains and deposits cleaning solutions, storage solution, 12V DC adapter, quick reference card for pH in wine analysis and instruction manual.


The instruments store calibration data. In addition, they can be programmed to give an alert when the instrument requires a new calibration
Measurements taken with the HI 222 can be stored and recalled at a later time.
  Log On Demand:
Both instruments have a "log on demand" function to record 100


HI 222
pH Range
-2.00 to 16.00
pH Accuracy
pH Resolution
mV Range
±699.9; ±2000
mV Accuracy
±0.2 (±699.9); ±1 (±2000)
mV Resolution
0.1 (±699.9); 1 (±2000)
°C Range
-20.0 to 120.0
°C Accuracy
°C Resolution
pH Calibration
Automatic 2 points at pH 3.00 and 7.01
Temperature Comp
Manual (MTC) or Automatic (ATC) temperature compensation from -20.0 to 120.0°C
pH electrode
HI 1048P glass body combination, BNC + pin (included)
Temperature probe
HI 7669/2W stainless steel probe (included)
PC Interface
Opto-isolated RS232
100 points
Input impedance
10¹² ohm
12VDC adapter (included)
0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) 95% RH
240 x 182 x 74mm (9.4 x 7.1 x 2.9")
1.1 Kg (2.5 lb.)

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