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Upcoming Events 2018

Unitech Scientific would like to meet with you at your local Trade Show:  

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•   TWGGA - Texas Wine and Grape Growers Assoc.  Expo Irving TX – February  23 & 24, 2018 - Booth #707

•   WiVi Expo in Paso Robles CA – March 21, 2018 - Booth #404

•   Wine IQ in Napa – May 23 & 24, 2018. We host the Thursday breakfast, and look forward to talking with you during the Conference.

Wine Testing Reagents


Unitech offers the COMPLETE LINE of Enzymatic Wine Tests

UniFLEX TM Reagents for Wine Testing (Choose from 25 kits)

o    D-Glu/Fru FLEX

o    L-Malic FLEX

o    Acetic

o    Free & Total Sulfites

o    Phenolics panels, Anthocyanins, Tartaric, Citric & more


UniFLEX Advantages: 

Long "on-board stability" for automation; GF FLEX can measure D-Glucose & D-Fructose independently

UniTABTM Reagents for Wine Testing            

o    D-Glu/Fru TAB

o    L-Malic TAB

o    Ammonia

o    Primary Amino Nitrogen (PAN)  = NOPA


UniTAB Advantages: 

Unitech’s excellent analytical accuracy PLUS Easy Reagent Prep (with tablets) & Fewer Assay Steps



Check out our Multi-level Standards, Enzymes and Nucleotides


Wine Analyzers for LARGE, MID-Size, & SMALL Wineries


Replace your Spec.,  Automate your Enzymatic Testing  

  EnoLyzerTM for Wine    Semi-Automated for Boutique Wineries
  • Automatically calculates results, Stores protocols
  • Unitech's turn-key approach provides reagents & protocols.  Plug in and run assays!
  • Saves Capital:  One-third the price of a spectrophotometer
  • Saves reagents:  Delivers 60 tests from a 30-test reagent kit
  • Easy to use, Interactive touch-screen LCE with USB mouse option, step-by-step prompting
  • Open system - you pick your reagents, your units, your calibration

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  ChemWell-T for WineTM                       The affordable, fully automated wine analyzer

100 results/hr for growing winery labs

  • Reduces  TIME, LABOR, & REAGENT expenses
  • Automatic Quality Control &  reliable, accurate wine results
  • Flexibility to add tests
  • Sophisticated, intuitive, operator-friendly software
  • Cuvettes capacity 40 results – (reusable, manually washed)
  • Reagent Cooling included

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  ChemWell for WineTM   The Wine Industry Standard

The Wine Industry Standard  - 200 results/hr

  • Fully-automated Random Access
  • Cuvette auto-washing
  • Reliable, accurate wine results
  • Sophisticated, intuitive, operator-friendly software, Automatic Quality Control
  • Flexibility to add tests
  • High Capacity for large runs
  • Re#CW - Whats Newagent Cooling option

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New from Unitech Scientific's Corporate Partner

 Microbiologique Inc.

Wine Spoilage Micro Test - PCR

Detect & Confirm

Single Target or MultiPlex PCR for

 Brettanomyces, Zygosaccharomyces,

 Saccharomyces, Lactic acid bacteria, Acetobacter,

 Gluconobacter, Oenococcus.

Limit of Detection:  1 - 10 cells/mL

PCR Operation & Detection: 2 hours

Affordable thermocycler, Easy set-up


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