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New Product Launch


       Wine Micro - 8 Spoilage Organisms in 1-test

Direct detection from a wine sample

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  • Under 2-hours

  • Sensitive to 1cfu/sample

  • Detect and Confirm:  Brettanomyces, Pediococcus, Oenococcus, Acetobacter, Gluconobacter, Lactobacillus, Zygosaccharomyces, Saccharomyces

         For more information:  562 924-5150,  info@unitechscientific.com


Beer Micro - 6 Spoilage Organisms in 1-test     Ordering Information   

Wine Testing Reagents


Unitech offers the COMPLETE LINE of Enzymatic Wine Tests  (Choose from 25 kits)

UniFLEX TM Reagents

o    D-Glu/Fru FLEX

o    L-Malic FLEX

o    Acetic

o    Free & Total Sulfites

o    Phenolics panels, Anthocyanins, Tartaric, Citric & more

UniFLEX Advantages:  Long "on-board stability" for automation; GF FLEX can measure D-Glucose & D-Fructose independently

UniTABTM Reagents for Wine Testing            

o    D-Glu/Fru TAB

o    L-Malic TAB

o    Ammonia

o    Primary Amino Nitrogen (PAN)  = NOPA

 UniTAB Advantages:  Unitech’s excellent analytical accuracy PLUS Easy Reagent Prep (with tablets) & Fewer Assay Steps


Multi-level Standards, Enzymes and Nucleotides


Wine Analyzers for LARGE, MID-Size, & SMALL Wineries


Replace your Spec.,  Automate your Enzymatic Testing  

  EnoLyzerTM for Wine    Semi-Automated for Boutique Wineries
  • Automatically calculates results, Stores protocols
  • Unitech's turn-key approach provides reagents & protocols.  Plug in and run assays!
  • Saves Capital:  One-third the price of a spectrophotometer
  • Saves reagents:  Delivers 60 tests from a 30-test reagent kit
  • Easy to use, Interactive touch-screen LCE with USB mouse option, step-by-step prompting
  • Open system - you pick your reagents, your units, your calibration

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  ChemWell-T for WineTM                       The affordable, fully automated wine analyzer

100 results/hr for growing winery labs

  • Reduces  TIME, LABOR, & REAGENT expenses
  • Automatic Quality Control &  reliable, accurate wine results
  • Flexibility to add tests
  • Sophisticated, intuitive, operator-friendly software
  • Cuvettes capacity 40 results – (reusable, manually washed)
  • Reagent Cooling included

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  ChemWell for WineTM   The Wine Industry Standard

The Wine Industry Standard  - 200 results/hr

  • Fully-automated Random Access
  • Cuvette auto-washing
  • Reliable, accurate wine results
  • Sophisticated, intuitive, operator-friendly software, Automatic Quality Control
  • Flexibility to add tests
  • High Capacity for large runs
  • Re#CW - Whats Newagent Cooling option

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