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UniTABTM  vs. UniFLEX TM Reagent Formats

UniFLEXTM, Liquid Stable reagents

include GF, Malic and many others 


UniTABTM, simplified Tablet reagent
kits include GF, Malic, Ammonia and



For GF and Malic testing, both UniTAB and UniFLEX formats offer the same sensitivity, specificity and accuracy.


 UniFLEX Glucose/Fructose reagent kits: separate kit components allow flexibility in testing Glucose and Fructose.  The HK/G6PDH enzyme and the PGI enzyme (involved in D-Fructose detection) are in separate vials; your assay set-up will permit measuring either:

    a)   Total D-Glucose/D-Fructose (in a single reaction) or

    b)   D-Glucose, in the first reaction, and (following PGI addition) D-Fructose - in a single cuvette

 UniTAB Glucose/Fructose reagent kit format is simplified. The necessary enzymes are mixed together in a dropper bottle, 1 drop/2mL reaction.  UniTAB measures only total G/F values. 

Malic Acid

 UniFLEX Malic Acid reagent kits: separate kit components allow flexibility and greater "on-board stability" for automation.  The  liquid stable Malic-Buffer, GOT enzyme, NAD Solution and MDH enzyme are needed for the reaction. 

 Advantages of UniFLEX LMA for our ChemWell customers include:

a)     Long Working Reagent (Buffer/GOT/Water) stability, since NAD Solution is stored separately in the reagent rack; these are mixed prior to each assay in the cuvettes.

b)     Can be used for both our standard Sensitive Malic test (0.02 1.5G/L) and Extended range test (up to 4G/L) based on optimizing ratios of NAD & Working Reagent.

 UniTAB LMA reagent kit format is simplified; all necessary enzymes are in a dropper bottle, 1 drop/2mL reaction. UniTAB performance is the same as UniFLEX reagent; Working Reagent is made up every 4-hrs.