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Unitech Scientific offers 3 Wine Analyzers

Test ALL 25 Unitech enzymatic Reagents

A.    Wine Protocols for: G/F, L-Malic, Ammonia, NOPA, Free-SO2, Total-SO2, Acetic, Citric, D-Lactic, L-Lactic, Glycerol, Sucrose, Total Phenols, Tartaric, Anthocyanins, Wine Color, and more.

B.  Calculation options  Factor, 1-Standard, or Linear Regression editable standard curves

C.  Calculates & prints results automatically

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Semi-automated enzymatic Wine Analyzer   

   1. EnoLyzer     $3,000  . . . .   replaces your Spec.

             Easy to Operate, Low Maintenance

  • Calculates results automatically

  • Store and edit up to 99 tests,  compare EnoLyzer to Specs

  • 1mL Reagent volume (60-tests from a 30-test kit)

  • Utilizes inexpensive disposable glass test tubes

  • You pipette & time reactions. . .  EnoLyzer guides you through each analysis

FULLY Automated enzymatic Wine Analyzer

Compare ChemWell and ChemWell-T to the other Analyzers

  Both ChemWell Autoanalyzers

  • Include installation and training

  • Complete enzymatic automation,

    • Pipets, Times, Calculates & Prints results

  • Wine Protocols customized to your requirements

  • Reagent Cooling, QC Tracking & more                                                            Just load samples, standards, reagents & press RUN

   2. NEW! ChemWell-T for WineTM Autoanalyzer  100 tests/Hr

  • Small footprint for the compact, busy lab

  • Highest quality engineering and reliability

  • Most affordable fully Automated System on the market  

                                 ChemWell-T Brochure


   3. ChemWell for WineTM - Autoanalyzer Enzymatic & EIA   200 tests/Hr

Most respected Wine Analyzer for 10-years

  • Highest Quality engineering and reliability

  • Sophisticated, robust & reliable

  • automatically washes cuvettes (with the RCA Option)

 ChemWell Brochure      ChemWell Wine Analysis System


More Food and Research Analyzers

a)  StatFax 3200

$3,500   the economical way to get quantitative enzymatic results at 30 cents/test. 

a microplate Analyzer with PC Recorder Software for enzymatic chemistries


b) ChroMate  

$4,300 semi-automated EIA Analyzer for Food Testing, fiber-optic multichannel, Software for Data handling & Reports, requires a PC (not included); package includes multi-channel pipettors.  (340nm not available on this model.)


c) StatFax4200

$3,900 a stand-alone version of ChroMate that requires no PC (Available Q2 2009)


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