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Kit Descriptions



We offer 2 convenient formats, UniTAB & UniFLEX kits                     

Choice of Kit Sizes (30-Test, 75-Test, 250-Test kits). Our Kits are stable for up to 2-years from manufacture.

Methods & Linearity 

Consider Analyzers & Automation

UniTAB Tablet Reagent Kits – Innovative & Simple

Consistent protocols: dissolve 1 tablet/5 mL

Convenient dropper vials for enzyme trigger reagent 1 drop of enzyme added per reaction

UniFlex Reagent Kits – Convenient, Liquid Stabilized

Consistent protocols
Liquid, ready-to-use components with ‘traditional’ format; separate enzymes for flexible manual and automated protocols.

Wine Phenolics kits

Anthocyanins, Color Density, Hue, Bleaching

Measurement of phenolics during harvest & vinification can provide valuable information for optimizing and controling wine quality.

Phenolics in wine include tannins, anthocyanins, polymeric pigments and monomeric phenols (e.g. caffeic acid, caftaric acid, catechins, quercetin, kaempherol, and gallic acid) and are responsible for wine color, bitterness, and astringency.  Color and flavor profiles of finished wine are affected by grape selection and winemaking techniques. Total phenol content, as well as color and hue data, can provide valuable information for optimizing these processes. Contact Unitech to automate these tests on your ChemWell for WineTM autoanalyzer.

PHE-F150 (75 tests)


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